Soap Bars
  • Pomegranate Cherry- Wild cherries blended with pomegranate and touches of tangerine and other citrus.Raspberry Scrub-  Straight raspberry goodness. Contains sea salt as an exfoliant.Cool Water- Mens type fragrance. Smells like a sporty cologne.Asian Tea Blossom- Sweet tea and herbs with light notes of berries and other fruits. A very unique fragrance.Cucumber Melon- Honeydew melons mixed with freshly sliced cucumbers.Bay Rum- The scent men have been using for years. Cloves, cinnamon, patchouli, pine, musk and vanilla with top notes of orange and apple.Dead Sea Mud- Musky earthy fragrance with amber and green base notes. Contains activated charcoal, sea salt, and various clays as exfoliants.Gobi Gold-  Must try!! Sweet orange and plumeria with patchouli, amber, vanilla, atop about a dozen other fragrances. Contains activated charcoal.Cherry Almond-  Roasted almonds and wild cherries fragrance. Contains ground oatmeal as an exfoliant.Winer Musk- Earthy musk with amber and vanilla. Contains ground oatmeal as an exfoliant.Peppermint- Pure sweet peppermint fragrance oil. Contains peppermint leaves as an exfoliant.Forrest Spice- Delightful sweet oatmeal with a robust base note.

    Soap Bars


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