8oz Sugar Body Scrub

Nourish damaged or sensitive skin with Beautifully Whipped sugar body scrub. As a black-owned company, Beautifully Whipped makes skincare solutions for black women and men that bring out natural tones, hydrate chalky patches, and even out hyperpigmentation.  Made with only organic ingredients, this natural sugar scrub is a perfect way to start on the path to rich, warm skin.


Massage this scrub into dead skin to create a smoother layer. Sugar breaks more weathered skin layers and allows the body to naturally create fresher cells. Use it all over the body to encourage the skin to shed problem dry areas.


As sugar scrubs away rough skin, it also draws moisture from the environment. It helps rid the body's surface of old oils and allows skin to breathe and moisturize itself. Natural moisturizing helps avoid greasy, streaky, caked-on splotches that sometimes come with products not made for black skin.


When sugar dissolves across the body, the skin absorbs its natural minerals and oils. On its own, this organic sugar body scrub gives skin these wholesome nutrients. If used before other natural skincare products, this sugar scrub can make skin more receptive to nourishing vitamins for a more even, gleaming complexion. Since melanin-rich skin tends to be more sensitive to chemicals, natural scrubs are better for preventing skin from drying out or blotching.


Skincare starts with buffing away the old layer. Applying Beautifully Whipped sugar body scrub before shaving removes rough patches that can catch a razor and create bumps. Used before a serum or treatment, this sugar scrub can make skin a smooth pallet  for evening out melasma. Combine this scrub with Beautifully Whipped's other natural products for black skincare to create shimmering allure and effortless everyday elegance.

Beautifully Whipped sugar body scrub enhances any skincare routine. With natural products for black skincare, Beautifully Whipped's line of products features body butter and soap that nourish and let skin's beautiful natural tones shine through.

8oz Sugar Body Scrub