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Meet the CEO

Hi Glow Getters, I'm Adrenna.

I’m an Electrician by day and Entrepreneur by night. I have been in my trade for over 15yrs. I am the mom of an amazing 10 y.o.

How we started:

I started making my own skincare products over 3yrs ago. It initially started off as a hobby, and then my family and friends noticed how amazing my skin looked and to top it off, the scents of my products were amazing, so I started whipping for them too. It was then that I realized I could turn my love for spas and my passion into a Beautifully Whipped Business.

My goal is to get your skin glowing and enhance your natural beauty. Hence, I only use natural and organic ingredients because I believe you should care about what you put on your body as much as you care about what you put in it.

I hope you love our products. Thank you for choosing Beautifully Whipped, we are forever grateful🤍.



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